1. AC-DC LED Drivers

    Our AC-DC LED drivers offer best in class flexibility, reliability and ease of use. Engineered for optimal performance our AC-DC LED power supplies are made and used by experts.
    12v power supply

  2. Dimmable LED Drivers

    Our dimmable LED Drivers are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of dimming systems. We offer smooth, flicker-free, full range dimming. Both analogue and digital dimming supported.

  3. Accessories & LED Dimming Devices

    GRE Alpha’s dimming devices have efficiencies of over 95%, ensuring that dimming driver energy efficiency complements the LED efficacy, offering complete, system wide efficacy.

  4. Customized Solutions

    Learn more about how GRE Alpha's existing modular designs can be customized to complement your LED products.

New Product Launch XS Dim Series
Introducing our new Switch dim compatible LED dimming module. Specification sheet available for download here.
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