Our Technology

Innovation is at the heart of our LED powering solutions. We focus on providing exceptional performance, reliability and usability, by incorporating best-in-class power management technologies and usability features, to enable seamless and efficient operation and management of LED lighting systems. Feel free to explore and learn more about the various technologies that our team employs at the core of our products.

Addressing Challenges in Lighting Design through six-in-one LED dimming

Six-in-One Dimming Modules

Dimming for Linear Lights – AC Line Voltage Dimmers

AC Line Voltage Dimming for Linear Lights

Dimming Modules for 0-100% TRIAC/ELV AC Phase

0-100% TRIAC/ELV AC Phase Dimming

High Temperature LED Driver Solutions

High Temperature Operation


Light Quality through Innovative LED Drivers

Light Quality

Power Unleashed