Dual Mode

LED Drivers with Easy Install for Multiple Applications

Easy Install

60W, 75W, 120W, 200W

Dual-mode Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED Drivers with Easy-Install Integral Wiring Compartments.

Dual Mode

Safety Switch LED Drivers and Lighting Applications

Safety Switch

75W, 200W

Safety Switch LED Driver with smart output monitor and AC power switch

Dual Mode

Basic and Adjustable Dual Mode AC/DC LED Drivers


25W, 75W, 200W

Dual-mode Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Constant current

Constant Current LED Drivers

Constant Current LED Drivers
15W, 25W, 35W, 50W

Constant voltage

Constant Voltage LED Drivers

 50W, 100W, 150W