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Modular LED Lighting Design: GRE Alpha’s Approach

Performance and reliability are crucial to lighting product development. The top OEMs in the world of LED lighting prioritize these concepts and continue to make tremendous advances in design and functionality.

From small steps, such as improving efficiency, to major leaps, like smart lighting, we’re proud to be part of a fast-moving industry and provide meaningful solutions to our clients.


One such breakthrough is the introduction of modular LED lighting systems.

Modular design in lighting provides several benefits to designers, manufacturers and building managers. We’ll dive into GRE Alpha’s approach to LED lighting design, but first, let’s talk about what modular lighting systems are.


What is Modular Design in LED Lighting?

The term “modular” refers to a process where several individual parts come together to form something more extensive.

In LED lighting, the basis is similar: Modular design in LED lighting is an approach that builds LED lighting system components from independent parts with standard interfaces.

With modular LED lighting, designs can be upgraded, customized, repaired, or reused—all because they’re made using independent parts that can easily switch in and out.


Why Choose Modular LED Lighting Design Over Integral Solutions?

One of the most significant advantages of a modular approach in LED lighting is cost savings—systems are repairable without replacing the entire fixture.

For example, if the LED board and driver are defective, you can replace just those two parts if they’re part of a modular LED lighting system. In the long run, this can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Compare this to an integral system, where if the fixture is faulty due to a component failure, some defective LEDs, or a malfunctioning internal driver, the entire system will need to be replaced.


GRE Alpha’s Approach to Modular LED Lighting

GRE Alpha’s unique approach to modular LED lighting allows its dimming modules and drivers to be used in either new or existing lighting installations. Lighting designs can be customized or upgraded, and designers can create unique configurations adapting to size and space requirements.

Some of the most common applications for our modular LED lighting approach include:

  • Architectural lighting
  • Effect and contour lighting
  • General commercial illumination
  • Warehouses
  • Signage
  • Strip lighting
  • Smart lighting

 Designers look for products that meet or exceed exact specifications. How can companies employ the features of efficiency, performance, and customization to gain a competitive advantage?

Modularization provides both economies of scale and the ability to create desirable configurations, resulting in satisfied end users. For example, one of our technology partners, Lutron, offers their Caseta smart lighting control system to seamlessly integrate other smart home products, such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Sonos speakers, and more. With the end user in mind, Lutron wanted superior performance that eliminated the flickering typically seen with LEDs and CFLs by adjusting the dimming range. GRE Alpha's design team created the XLA series to create a flicker-free experience.

Another example providing a smooth, flicker-free experience is the GRE Alpha ENO-DIM EnOcean Wireless Dimming module. While it’s compatible with any EnOcean-enabled wireless switch, the dimming module can integrate with any constant voltage LED driver—including an existing DC power distribution panel or at any point in an existing lighting circuit.


GRE Alpha Modular LED Design in Action

Other OEMs and designers have incorporated our technology as well. Here are some examples of modular LED designs using GRE Alpha drivers and dimming modules that led to efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting displays.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

To sustain the iconic RGB lighting on display at Planet Hollywood, GRE Alpha provided our SLD and XLD series of LED drivers. These drivers feature easy-to-install wiring compartments, eliminating the need for a J-box. They’re also some of the most versatile drivers on the market, providing user-adjustable output voltage and current.

Tokyo Sparkle Pageant

The Tokyo Sparkle Pageant came about to celebrate and share memories of the Olympics in 2020. One of the biggest aspects of the event was the lighting sections, which required dimmable power solutions. The GLD-DIM-DMX dimming modules were used to bring the waterfront to life, featuring a spring-loaded terminal for worry-free, simple installation.


Looking For More Information?

Together with our partners, GRE Alpha offers LED lighting solutions that help you reap the benefits of modular lighting design.

If you’re looking for more information about GRE Alpha’s modular approach toward specialty solutions, check out this page or review our catalogs.

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